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Backrest Cushion

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The new Vive Backrest Cushion shaped with a unique memory foam big curve provides extra lumbar support. Great for the backrest of all wheelchairs for its universal size and waterproof cover for easy cleaning. Running top to bottom instead of side to side allows you to adjust the height of the cushion and keep it in the back.


  • Made For Any Transport Chair
  • Ready to use for any wheelchair or transport chair. Attach the two rear straps for secure and long-lasting comfort. 

  • Full Support
  • A reinforced backboard allows the cushion to stay fixed and flat against the wheelchair. A durable structure helps eliminate tension and promotes better posture. 

  • Effortless Maintenance
  • The cushion cover is waterproof to protect against liquids and easily wiped clean whenever needed.

  • High-Quality Memory Foam
  • Designed for superior lumbar support, the memory foam will conform to your unique spinal curvature to maintain maximum back relief.


      • What’s Included: 
        • 1pc memory foam
        • 1pc cover with inner cardboard backing support
        • 2 adjustable straps
      • Color(s): Black cover and black straps
      • Size(s): One size
      • Product Dimensions: 18” x 15” x 3.5”
      • Product Weight: 2.46 lbs
      • Material(s): Foam:100% Memory foam; Cover:100% Nylon
  • Latex free: yes
    • Care: 
      • Hand wash cold with mild soap. Air Dry
      • Do NOT machine wash or dry.


    • 2 adjustable straps with buckles, running top to bottom instead of side to side so that you can adjust the height of the cushion and keep it in black. If side to side the straps will slide down
    • Unique memory foam shape, with extra lumbar support compared to that of a competitor, see the difference below
    • Old design - has some lumbar support but not enough
    • New design with better lumbar support, we used a similar design to the new D-shaped lumbar 
    • Cover is waterproof - can be cleaned and wiped off or hand-washed cold with mold soap. Air dry
    • It comes with a backboard support - which keeps the cushion flat against the wheelchair
    • Works on standard transport chairs, wheelchairs, and power chairs.


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