Prescription (Rx)

  • CPAP

The following documentation is required for us to be able to provide a CPAP:


  1. Dr Prescription (Rx) stating the following: (e.g.)

-Patient Name

-Patient Date of Birth

-Dr’s name, signature and NPI number

-Machine Settings

-Type of CPAP Machine (Regular, Auto, Bipap)

-Type of Mask, Tubing, and Filters


  1. Physician progress notes or Face to Face prior to Sleep Study


  1. Sleep Study signed by Doctor

-If AHI is 4 or below – Patient does not qualify

-If AHI is between 5 & 14 – patient must have a secondary diagnosis

(Excessive daytime sleepiness, impaired cognition, mood disorders pr insomnia)

-If AHI is 15 or above – patient qualifies

(Needs to have OSA -Obstructive Sleep Apnea-)





  • Contact my Doctor for me

If you would like us to contact your doctor and request all the documents needed, please fill the next form: