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Power Wheelchair

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Featured Upgrades:

  • More Powerful Motors
  • TSA Approved
  • 4 front shock absorbers (two on each side) 
  • Folds Smaller, easier to collapse
  • Larger Rear Tires 12.5"
  • Tighter Turning Radius
  • Adjustable control unit
  • Improved Folding Foot Platform
  • Automatic Backup Alarm
  • Weight Capacity: 265lbs

Stylish and exceptionally durable, the Vive power wheelchair smoothly navigates most surfaces with powerful dual motors, a universal joystick controller and large, flat-free tires. The wheelchair’s universal controller can be mounted on either the left or right armrest, both of which are height adjustable for greater comfort. The power wheelchair also has a travel distance of up to six miles and smoothly handles moderate inclines. Supporting up to 265 pounds, the motorized wheelchair is constructed with a durable, yet lightweight aluminum and is designed to easily fold for storage and travel.


  • Safe And Smooth Transportation

Easy to operate, the FDA-approved Vive power wheelchair provides comfortable, yet stylish transportation at home and on the go. The foldable power wheelchair is equipped with dual motors, flat-free tires and shock absorbers to safely and smoothly maneuver over any terrain, including grass, pavement, gravel and more. 

  • Perfect For Traveling

Ideal for traveling, the motorized wheelchair is constructed with a lightweight, yet durable aluminum frame that safely supports up to 265 pounds. Rechargeable, the powerful lithium battery allows the wheelchair to navigate mild inclines and travel up to six miles per charge. TSA-approved, the power wheelchair is great for airline and cruise ship travel, folding in seconds and easily fitting in standard trunk sizes. 

  • Easy To Operate

Repositionable for the left or right side, the electric power wheelchair operates with a 360-degree, joystick and speed controller. With a maximum speed of 4 mph, the power wheelchair controller allows you to easily monitor and adjust the speed of the wheelchair. The controller also includes a horn button, a battery charge indicator and a USB port for charging electronic devices while on the go. 

  • Comfort Seating
  • Padded with dense foam, the motorized wheelchair seat is comfortably wide, measuring 18” wide and 18” deep. The cushioned seat is covered with a soft, breathable material that is easy to clean and includes an adjustable safety buckle. The armrests are also height adjustable for personalized comfort.  


  • What’s Included:
      • Chair, Battery, Electrical components
    • Color(s): Silver
    • Size(s): Heavy duty frame 265lbs weight limit
    • Product Dimensions: see specs
    • Product Weight: see specs
    • Material(s): Lithium Battery, aluminum frame
    • Latex free yes 


    • Top Speed: 4 mph (NEW)
    • Maximum Drive Range Per Charge: 9.3 miles
    • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs. (NEW)
    • Total Weight: 59.5 lbs

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